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Naturally Grown. Carefully Collected.

Fox Frankincense

Our Company is a Djibouti based company established in 2020, which exports natural gums (Frankincense, boswellia-caterii, Myrrh resins, Haddi Gum and Hagar Gum) from the farms of all Djibouti and Somali regions where each gum trees are widely and exclusively grown. We are a company that deals in the best grades of Gums available and are grown in  Djibouti and Somalia.


Naturally Grown

Our gums are naturally grown and organic. They are collected from the field without forcing plants to yield.


Wider Selection

We offer a wider selection of gums including Myrrh Tree, Frankincense, Olibanum, Opoponax, and Gum Aloe Plant


Careful Selection

Only the very best qualify in our portfolio.

Our Gums


Opoponax or sweet myrrh is a cousin of the healing Myrrh—Commiphora Myrrha—with a warm-balsamic and sweet, honey-like aroma. It is a natural oleo-gum-resin like myrrh and frankincense. The color of its resin is brown/white; however, good quality crude botanical resin is dark red.

Myrrh Gum

Myrrh is a resin, or sap-like substance, that comes from a tree called Commiphora myrrha, common in Africa and the Middle East. Myrrh exudes as a fluid from resin ducts in the tree bark when the bark splits naturally or is cut in by tapping. Upon exposure to air, myrrh hardens slowly into globules and irregular lumps called tears, which are then collected from the trees.

Guggul Gum (Hagar)

Guggul, the Commiphora mukul, is a small thorny tree that is native to the Middle East and the Indian plains. Generally leafless, the tree exudes a thick, sticky resin that has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. Guggul has written historical information about it going back to 1000 B.C.E. It was used at that time for "clearing the coating and obstruction of channels".

Our Gums